Emmanuel Valverde Ramos | CV
Emmanuel Valverde Ramos | CV

Emmanuel Valverde Ramos | CV

Full-stack developer - Back-End


With a journey that began at the age of 16, I've embarked on a thrilling odyssey in the software world since 2012. I've contributed my expertise to various companies, ranging from product-focused ones to startups in different life stages. Taking on roles such as team lead and tech lead has provided me with a comprehensive view of software development. Currently serving as a Senior Craftsperson at Codurance, I am dedicated to continual professional growth. My commitment to the community and open source is evident in my role as co-organizer of two communities in Murcia and my active involvement in open-source projects.

Technologies in general

Web technologies
  • 🐘 PHP (POO, PDO, Laravel, Symfony)
  • HTML 5,
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • JQuery
  • Vue
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass (basic notions)
  • ⚛ React
  • Angular
  • GraphQL
  • Express
  • Node
  • Some Spring boot
Other technologies
  • Java (with EclipseLink that implements JPA)
  • C
  • Kotlin
  • Python
Other related knowledge
  • Networking and S.O
  • 🐋 Docker (Basic notion)
  • 🕸 Web crawling
  • Web scraping
Basic knowledge of CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Grafana
  • New Relic
  • Azure insights
  • Sentry

Software craftsmanship

Working principles
  • ♻️ TDD
  • ATDD
  • BDD
  • DDD
  • DRY
  • KISS
Version control system
  • GIT
  • SVN
Continuous integration system (CI/CD)
  • Gitlab
  • Github Actions
  • Bitbucket
  • ConfigCat for feature flags
✅ Unit testing
  • JUnit
  • PHPUnit
  • Prophecy
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • Mockk
  • Mokito
  • Testing library
  • Pytest
Test E2E
  • Selenium
  • Cypress
Preformance testing
  • Lighthouse with Cypress
Dependency injection
  • PHP DI
Work methodologies
  • ⚖ Company values
  • ⚖ Working values
  • 👁 Company vision
  • 👁 Team Vision
  • 🗣 Good communication
  • 🧠 Remote working mindset
  • 🐇💨 Agile methodologies

Other skills

  • (🇪🇸) Castellano / Spanish
  • (🇺🇸/🇬🇧) English (I've lived in USA)

I've also written a book about TypeScript(Spanish version only) and translated the "Refactoring to Collections".

📬 Recommendation letters

💪 Job experience


Comany nameTechnologiesFrom - ToRolURLCompany SizePerksBusiness sector
JavascriptCSSHTMLBashGitDockerCypressCI/CDPythonGithub ActionsJestTypeScriptSOLIDPostgreSQLNotionMachine LearningAPIVueGraphQLKotlinAzureTest-Driven DevelopmentTrunk-Base developmentxPathPair programmingMob ProgrammingFeature flagsTesting libraryVuexNuxtSpring bootTerraformFastAPIAzure Service BusTest smellscoachingRunning workshops
January 17, 2022
Senior craftperson
Consulting firmLarge company
Flexible scheduleBooksRemote 100%CoursesBudget for learningIn house trainingGreat referencesPrivate medical insuranceprivate dental insuranceGym
GraphQLReactGithub ActionsJestWebpackAsanaExpressNodeJSDockerSASSMySQLJAMStackShopifyZeit nowcoaching
June 1, 2020 → September 1, 2022
Recruiter for a tech lead
StartupSmall business
Remote 100%BooksFlexible scheduleCourses
Sim and Esim provider
November 1, 2020 → January 1, 2022
Senior software engineer
Small businessStartup
Remote 100%Flexible scheduleBudget for learning
Emotional intelligence of teams
LaravelVueVuexAPIDockerBashNodeJSTypeScriptSOLIDGitBitbucketPHPCSSHTMLJavascriptNetworkingMySQLTrelloMachine LearningJest
April 1, 2020 → November 1, 2020
Senior software engineer
StartupSmall business
Remote 100%BooksFlexible scheduleCourses
Emotional intelligence of teams
GraphQLReactGithub ActionsJestWebpackAsanaExpressNodeJSDockerSASSMySQLJAMStackShopifyZeit now
January 1, 2020 → March 1, 2020
Tech lead
StartupSmall business
Remote 100%BooksFlexible scheduleCourses
Sim and Esim provider
ASPxSQLServerIISPythonFirebaseJavascriptBatchJiraJavaCordovaNodeJSBashObjective-cManagmentTeam leader
January 9, 2019 → January 1, 2020
Team lead - Senior software engineer
Large companyConsulting firm
Medical software
PHPSymfonyHTMLDockerGitlabSeleniumCypressPHP DIProphecySASSSSHCI/CDWebpack
January 1, 2019 → August 31, 2019
Software engineer
Large companyStartup
RemoteCoursesFlexible scheduleBooksBudget for learningIn house trainingGreat referencesFree fruits and food
HTMLSeleniumJavascriptCrawlingPHPBashLinux serverWebSocketsServicesMySQLDrupalGraphicsJQueryCSSBootstrapxPathJiraGitTrelloSVNDockerFTPSSHJavaPrice intelligence
January 4, 2016 → December 21, 2018
Software engineer
Medium size companyStartup
Price intelligence
JavascriptWordpressCRMNetworkingStructured cablingCSSHTMLPHP
January 6, 2013 → September 6, 2013
Software engineer
Small business
Real estate
WordpressHTMLCSSHelp desk technicianPHP
February 25, 2013 → June 30, 2013
Web developer / IT Support
Small businessFranchise
Repair and sale of computers as well as creation of web pages
WordpressPHPHTMLCSSCommunity managerSEMJavascriptStructured cabling
January 12, 2012 → February 25, 2013
Web developer / Sys admin
Small business
3D printing

Official studies

Official studies

JavaPHPlinuxSOWindow ServerSQLMySQLBashBatchApacheCSSXMLxPathHTMLLinux ServerVagrantOOPUMLLaravelJQueryBootstrapJavascriptSecurityComputer theoryNetworksOperating systemsEnglish
Develop, implement, and maintain web applications, regardless of the model used and using specific technologies, guaranteeing secure access to data and meeting the accessibility, usability and quality criteria required by established standards.
TCP/IPLinux ServerWindow ServerlinuxSONetworksOperating systemsEnglishComputer assemblyFix computersCreate and maintain servicesStructured cabling designCMSWordpressJoomlaDrupalWebmasterFTPSMPTSSHActive RecordLDAPWPA-802.1x RADIUSBashBatchOffice suite
Install, configure and maintain microcomputer systems, isolated or networked, as well as local networks in small environments.

Other studies

Other studies

Course nameCompanyURL to plataformDiplomaformat type
Working with legacy code
Classroom course
SOLID principles
Hexagonal architecture
Docker: from 0 to deployment
Git: introduction to teamwork
Liderazgo y gestión de equipos en tecnología
Todo sobre dotfiles
Notion productividad en equipo
Buenas practicas de BDD con gerking

Organizations and projects I work on

  • Co-creator of bashunit a small testing framework for bash

Talks & Workshops facilitated





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